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Rainbow Cleaning System provides certified air cleaning to your home environment


Our Commitment to you:

  • We are disinfecting our equipment in between every home

  • We are exercising social distancing and adhering to CDC best practices regarding sick employees


See how the Rainbow Air Purifier has changes lives all over Minnesota and Wisconsin.


I've had my Rainbow for a whole year now, and my all time favorite story is "my toddler spilled my campfire mocha on my couch"! My first instinct was to grab paper towels and blot up the liquid. Then, I grabbed upholstery cleaner and a wet rag and went to town. The next day, I came back to a stiff/hard/crunchy couch cushion. I was like "What the heck!!!! I just scrubbed this! How will I get this out of my couch?!" Then, I remembered my Rainbow wet tool attachment! I poured hot water over my cushions and sucked it up with the same attachment she used in the above video. (I didn't have the mini jet at that time but now I do!) After about 5 minutes my couch was good as new! No crunchies/stiff cushions! I've also used this tool to clean up puke, dog pee, milk/juice/food spilled by my toddler on my rugs/furniture, etc. Seriously love my Rainbow.




"The game changer in home cleaning and air purification! My family is in love with our Rainbow! The first thing I noticed after having the air purification in our home for 2 days was my 4 yr. old sons eyes stopped itching from his seasonal allergies and my 2 yr. old sons nose stopped running from his seasonal allergies! AMAZING! 
The day Jayden came over to show us the air purification system we were also amazed by the vacuum attachment! Prior to the Rainbow, we vacuumed our home once a week, we have a sheltie who sheds and 2 boys who play on my carpets all the time, I thought my floors were clean, until Jayden showed us the dust and dog hair she was able to take out of our carpets, at that point my husband and I both knew we needed this purification system for our home! Not only is our home clean it smells amazing as well! "




Rainbow has been a lifesaver for quick cleaning 'air' I place my rainbow in the kitchen to suck up smells-yucky onion, meat smell (when hubby is making jerky) or burnt food before the smoke heads to the fire alarms. 


How it Works

Use the Power of Water to Purify your Air from Dust, Allergens and Odors.

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Our passion is to help people improve the cleanliness and healthiness of their home living environment by providing a quality, American-made, green product.

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