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A Little About Us

A Product You Can Depend On

Since 1936, the Rainbow Cleaning System has the changed the lives of millions of people who have dedicated their homes to cleaner, more purified air. More than a vacuum with its water-based purification system that separates it from any other imitations or competitors. You don’t have to go far to see how a Rainbow Cleaning System can change your life—a product expert will come right to your home at a time that is convenient for you.






We purchased our Rainbow about a year ago and I absolutely love it! We have two dogs and the fact that our house stays smelling fresh in between cleaning is amazing! We live on a gravel road so between the dust from that and the pet dander, the idea  of having something in our home that's cleaning the air we breathe 24/7 is such a great feeling! 




"The game changer in home cleaning and air purification! My family is in love with our Rainbow! The first thing I noticed after having the air purification in our home for 2 days was my 4 yr. old sons eyes stopped itching from his seasonal allergies and my 2 yr. old sons nose stopped running from his seasonal allergies! AMAZING! 
The day Jayden came over to show us the air purification system we were also amazed by the vacuum attachment! Prior to the Rainbow, we vacuumed our home once a week, we have a sheltie who sheds and 2 boys who play on my carpets all the time, I thought my floors were clean, until Jayden showed us the dust and dog hair she was able to take out of our carpets, at that point my husband and I both knew we needed this purification system for our home! Not only is our home clean it smells amazing as well! "





"The Rainbow has not only made our home smell clean and fresh, but it actually is CLEAN and FRESH! We now have confidence that our guests and even our pets can enjoy the air quality in our home and feel like they are in a cleaner environment."

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