Shag: A rug or carpet made of long pile, giving it a shaggy appearance. The shag rug is making a comeback from its popular American debut in the late 1960's.

Cleaning a shag rug?is more difficult than cleaning rugs with shorter pile. This carpet is too thick to use a power nozzle on. In fact, many of these long carpet manufacturers recommend "the use of a suction-only vacuum for pile construction that is sensitive to brushing or rubbing by beater brushes."

Rexair has designed a new shag rug tool for cleaning loose "shag-type" carpeting and rugs. Its rigid ribs actually "rake" the carpet while removing dirt and debris trapped within the long fibers of shag carpeting. When passed over the carpet, it leaves the "raked" look and the fibers in one direction.

Note: Short fiber and thick carpets should be cleaned with the Rainbow Power Nozzle and electric hose.

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